About us

Welcome to the unique and privileged world of Tolaga Bay Cashmere originating in the beautiful southern Oceania islands of New Zealand. Tolaga Bay township on the remote Eastern cape of the North Island is surrounded by unique wild scenery, beautiful beaches and has the longest wharf in the southern hemisphere.


It is this small township Tolaga Bay Cashmere calls home. Our family owned and operated business has for 35 years bred a superior cashmere producing animal. By selecting only the very finest cashmere on the healthiest animals, we produce an exclusive product. Advantages of superb softness, fineness with strength and continuity of type achieve a new standard in the world’s most desired luxury fibre.
Since 1990 Tolaga Bay Cashmere has produced a contemporary range of luxurious knitwear in superior 100% cashmere, feather light and luxuriously warm. Our small factory in Tolaga Bay is responsible for all design, production, marketing and sales. This vertically integrated operation together with highly skilled traditional artisan hand worked,and advanced technologies have resulted in product of superb and unrivaled quality.